Why Paracord Cannot Be Ignored as a Survival Tool

Three Factors to Know About Paracord
August 11, 2020
Paracord - A Must Have Item in a Survival Pack

Paracord is a rot-resistant and quick-drying nylon rope having a break strength of 550 pounds. It is offered by a paracord bracelet manufacturer in several colors and must be one of the initial items you have for the personal survival kit. It can be, used in a vast variety of situations and even has been renowned for being used by NASA.

A soldier without a supply of Paracord is essentially not equipped. Similarly, anyone who is keen to pursue any kind of outdoor activity is strongly advised to wear some paracord bracelet on hand all the time. Paracord bracelet provided by the survival kit manufacturer is an invaluable and versatile product in several emergency situations.

Various Uses of Paracord

Emergency situations where paracord bracelet or any other paracord product would be useful:

  • If you break, a leg paracord could be used to tie a splint to the leg.
  • If your dental floss has finished, the inner strands can be taken apart and utilized as a substitute. It is very handy when you carry a piece of meat that you can’t dislodge.
  • If you cut yourself, Paracord can be used as a tourniquet to stop excess bleeding and if appropriate to stitch up an open wound.
  • The string can likewise be utilized to fix the dress, supplant shoe bands and zipper pulls.
  • If your clothes get, wet Paracord can be used as a clothes line to dry them.
  • If your dog chews through his lead or his collar breaks, Paracord is useful.
  • Paracord can be used to secure a boat.
  • It can also be used as a belt to hold up your trousers.

As you can see, Paracord has many, many uses, and in fact, the number of benefits of this versatile cord is only limited by your imagination!

Multipurpose Paracord

You can purchase Paracord that is used to make key chains, necklaces, bracelets, watches and other accessories. These have demonstrated to be exceptionally mainstream with crisis reaction groups and other wellbeing personnel, for clear reasons. They are also becoming more and more popular with the general public, who may or may not be aware of their extreme versatility.

If you ever see someone wearing a paracord bracelet or other paracord item, don’t assume they know the advantages of having a supply of Paracord on hand at all times, be sure and ask them do they know of its uses.

Glow able Paracord

It is quite possible now to buy Paracord that can shine in the dark. The break strength of these is 400 lbs, however, not the 550 pounds of ‘regular 550 paracords’. This is due to the different type of fibres included in them to make them glow and / or reflect. However, the usefulness of being reflective and luminous may outweigh the loss of strength in many outdoor situations. Grappling around in the dark for a ‘non-glowing’ glow in the dark Paracord would surely warrant a lot of cussing – so be advised!

Wrap Up

When you decide to add Paracord to your survival kit, why not buy a paracord survival bracelet or other accessory and give it as a gift to someone you love. They may not be an outdoor enthusiast – but it may just be that little piece of kit, could someday save their life.

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