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Six Knots Every Paracord Watch Supplier Must Know
July 3, 2020

Paracord may be a common household item that you may deem as having small importance. Many people, however, would disagree with that opinion. It is a useful and valuable product by a paracord bracelet manufacturer to those who like outdoor activities. The term paracord is a short cut for “parachute cord” as it was originally used by the paratroopers of the United States Army during WW II. Seeing the value of this cordage, the US troops kept the cords for safekeeping in need. Although originally a war implement, paracord was made commercially available by entrepreneurs who saw its demand and value.

What is Paracord Different from other Cords and Ropes?

The need for quality ropes has pushed people to improve on this technology and experiment with different materials for its construction. Depending on usage, people will require different types of rope. Some characteristics to look for in ropes include its weight, durability, and strength. For outdoor activities, paracord will be a great aid as it is light. One wouldn’t want to use unnecessary space and spend extra energy by just bringing a rope.

Also, unlike other ropes, paracord is rot-resistant, which makes it last longer in varied settings. Further, different ropes provided by a survival kit manufacturer, will have different breaking strengths (i.e., power to withhold stress when stretched or pulled).

Paracord manufactured by a survival kit manufacturer has a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds. Therefore, it is also known as 550 cord-this might be extremely helpful for situations where one needs to use as a support to one’s weight. With its lightness, durability, and strength, paracord is known among outdoor lovers.

How to Spot Fake Paracord?

The authenticity of the paracord will determine its quality. In desperate situations, the authenticity of a paracord can mean life or death. The authentic paracord’s strength might save the life of someone who needs it to pull his/her weight..

Identifying its authenticity thus is a must before venturing into the outdoors. Some ways to determine authenticity are by cutting it open and looking at its “guts” or inner strands. There are usually seven or more braids inside, with each twist consisting of at least three strands. Make sure that they are made of nylon and not some cottony or polyester material. Also, real paracord will easily disentangle when opened. So do check your paracord before venturing outdoors, it just might save a life.

Paracord for Hobbies and Business

Aside from being just part of the traveling kit of outdoor lovers, paracord has also been used to enhance people’s fashion style. People have made paracord bracelets for both fashion and function. If you are making bracelets, you might want to try making a paracord bracelet for this dual purpose. Because it is already on your wrist, it gives you easier access to utility cord in times of need. Several instructional videos are available online to teach you how to make such a bracelet, and there are several knots you may want to use for this.

Wrap Up

Paracord can be even used to create other accessories such as bags, pet leashes, collars, hammocks, and so many other things that you can think of; because of this, people have made it lucrative and used them to create businesses. So many things can be done with paracord. If you see it in your household, maybe you’d want to give it a little more value than usual.

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